Friday, April 2, 2010

A few days ago the view of Ross Bay and Clover Point was a study in calmness and serenity but it's not always like that.

Victoria is a windy city, and I'm not speaking here of the politicians who gather together every year under the dome beside the Inner Harbour.

Except when the Swiftsure races are being held, some wind is perfectly normal in Victoria, especially around the changing off the seasons. Then there are days (more often nights) when it gets up some real momentum and shrieks and howls so much I have to get up and close all my windows to make the blinds stop thrashing about. This morning it was really really, blowing, so like all good Victorians I hastened down to Ross Bay so the salt spray coming across the road could splash my old but trusty Ford Escort. You can't be a real Canadian unless you have a rusty car.

I wasn't the only one trying unsuccessfully to capture the power and fury of the ocean in jpeg format, but I did my best. The wind was strong enough to take my breath away, and it was good I had the beater to brace myself against otherwise I wouldn't have been able to hold my camera steady.

For firefighters, electricians and woodchopper crews it's already been a busy day as Mother Nature was pruning the trees. She does a lot of work, but leaves a mess which is kind of inconvenient for anyone who unwisely leaves his car parked under a large tree. Without a car handy, large branches make do by falling on electrical lines, forcing frustrated couch potatoes to curtail their TV watching.

All right, we've had enough of this rambunctious weather. Somebody order up a nice big helping of warm sunny days, and make it snappy.

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