Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cordova Bay

One of my definitions of an urban village is that it serves a local area and another is that it is in walking distance of the residents of its neighbourhood. Cordova Bay minimally qualifies for both definitions. Much of the neighbourhood has the feel of an out of town beachfront resort. A few amenities have congealed there amidst a few clusters of developments catering to seniors, but mostly it is a string of cottages along the beach which have turned quite upscale in recent years.
McMorrans is a restaurant that has been the nightlife there since the old days, and Saturday they had a closing down party. No longer will they have a big band playing on Saturday night's for people to dance to. Nope, those stylish old ways don't suit the times, I guess. Further down the road, right next to the golf course, and right below a mammoth condo development, is an organic produce market where you can buy your arugula. Things are different now.
So the family invited everyone down for a barbecue so they could say goodbye to the community they have served for so long. To help create an appropriate atmosphere, they also invited local antique car collectors down to show off their shiny machinery. Those old cars are indubitably far more photogenic than there descendants. Quite a few of them were even older than me.

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