Monday, July 19, 2010

Little Deuce Coupe and friends

Oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico, we are inundated every day with stories about global warming, scolded about our carbon footprint, warned that we're running out of oil, but it doesn't matter- we still love our cars. As could be seen yesterday when '32 Fords by the dozens were on display for crowds of admirers. Not only Fords, but mostly Fords, all souped up and customized by their proud owners.
Well, there's no need to feel guilty about global warming because it's been going on for over ten thousand years. The glaciers melted without any help from us whatsoever, and someday they will come back and there is nothing we can do about it. If only it were a simple matter of generating some extra CO2! So enjoy this blessed time. And don't worry about running out of oil, either. If we are allowed to look we will find it. And if an alternate theory of the origin of oil is correct, we will never run out. (The theory contends that oil is constantly produced through the activities of microbes that live deep inside the earth. A book entitled The Deep Hot Biosphere is available in our library which lays out the evidence.)
As for the Gulf of Mexico oil leak, it's a terrible thing. But I'm not entirely convinced it was an accident. At the very least it seems exceedingly strange the way remedial action was delayed and obstructed by the authorities who were supposed to be prepared for such emergencies.
Nothing that happened there dampened the enthusiasm of the people who came to see the old cars, or the people who rebuilt them. This is something we Crackers like to do- occupy our time with hobbies, and interests that have nothing to do with just making a living. It becomes a passion, a passion to craft something that doesn't exist in the natural world. To some of us work is something we do to support what's really important- our extra-curricular interests. And that's only possible because we live in such a productive society. And every so often something completely new comes from that urge to create, something that changes the world from then on. It's really kind of an amazing thing when you think about it.
No wonder so much of the world thinks we're nuts. Why can't we just leave things alone? But we can't. We're just a bunch of Crackers, what can I say?

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