Friday, February 19, 2010

Evil in Lotus Land

When World War Two was over the democratic nations thought they had defeated evil for good and all. Wrong. Even before it was over, the other lethal secularist ideology was on the march and getting stronger, thanks in part to our own naivete. Many thought it had been banished when the Berlin Wall came down. Wrong again. The old Soviet communists just turned themselves into freelance gangsters, while our own sympathizers had already pretty well set up shop in our universities, unions, and news outlets. I guess evil will always be with us but constantly changing colours to match the surroundings, twisting words so they no longer have any meaning, and injecting malice and hatred wherever a spot of fertile ground picks up a few spores.
For instance, on many Friday afternoons outside of Chapters can be found a local growth of malignancy. It's beyond my understanding why anybody would stand out in public and shamelessly lie with the object of encouraging the annihilation of a people. They deny it, but it logically follow from their propaganda points, which are immune to any confrontation with actual facts.
These people rank right alongside abortionists and child pornographers as the slimiest, filthiest, most disgusting examples of how low human beings can stoop that I hesitated about capturing their images, as if it might somehow contaminate my camera and computer. I refuse to touch their 'literature.' I dislike talking to them, in case my own personal life force causes them to grow.
But here they are. I don't know their names, I don't know what they do when they aren't spreading hate. Maybe they have children or grandchildren they have indoctrinated. I suspect some of them are teachers. Or maybe they inhabit a hole somewhere, say in a landfill or at the bottom of a latrine.
I did force myself to exchange unpleasantries with them, and of course when I accused them of seeking the destruction of the Jews I was answered, "But we love the Jews." I guess in the way Dracula loved his victims. They also seemed to think that Jews have never lived in the area and so have no right to it. I have heard all this before. What is truly frightening is that so many young people stop and listen to them. What does this say about our schools?
Amazing how their stink can spoil a beautiful afternoon.

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